1. Just Because


From the land of sorrow to the plains of the burning sea, there is no Love here only Inability

So open up the closet where we hide all the things we Love-
Look beneath those boxes where we keep our sacred dove.

Just Because, I Love you, why should I have to choose?

Between my family and my Love I feel I ‘m trapped in a Crystal box
I can watch the world but I can never be a part.
 So hold your breath now hold your tongue

Won’t you hold my hand ‘cuz I’m afraid I’ll come undone.

Just Because, I Love you, 
I must fight, Just to be with you.

Oh…..Oh, whether you’re a pilot or a banker or a nurse, we’re all the same, yeah, we’re just lost In a different Verse!

Just Because, I Love her, you’re not God, although you wish you were

So there you sit in your land of sorrow on the shores of a raging sea
There is no Love here, only Inability!

Just Because, You can’t See, All we want is to Live in Peace…

But still you sit in the land of sorrow by the shores of a burning sea,
There is no Love here only Inability. There is no Love there’s just your Inability!