1. Too Late

From the recording Rene Russell


Standing here I watch you from the shadows-
with your dreams all scattered on the ground
You are lost again, but you don’t know it, you still think that love is always kind-
Love won’t grow if no one pays attention, Love is not a matter just of Time!
And it’ll be too late for us if we don’t listen, Just too late for us if we close our eyes-
too late for us if we won’t give in, Just too late for us if we don’t Try!
All those words you heard that had no meaning, 
all that love you saw slip through your hands- 
 All the time you wasted with your searching, You can’t see your own feet in the sand.
Well I have lost at love & I have found it,
 I have run away from my own fears. I have wasted words & I have given,
 I have taken much more than my share!
Though we march each to a different drummer,
 Cadence falls in step w/every rhyme.
Listen close to everything you learn Here, cause it’s the Heart that keeps us all in Time.
There is more to Faith than moving mountains,
 there’s so much to read between these lines. It’s not what you do but how you do it-
Put your Heart in Concert with your Mind….or it’ll be….