From the recording Freeverse


I walk a fine line tryin’ to balance my Soul, It’s hard to hold on, it’s hard to let go….
Listen to the Voices in my ear, One about Light & one about Fear!
What am I scared of don’t you know—I’m looking in the mirror at my Alter Ego!
I’m afraid of what I might see, if I open my Hand & set you free!

It’s hard to hold on it’s hard to let go, A habit dies hard when it’s all you know!
Don’t know what tomorrow brings, but nobody else gonna pull my Strings!
All those Dreams I locked up tight, Gotta bring ‘em all out in the Mornin Light.
If you wanna stay clear, Then empty your cup, throw it all out and fill it back up!

I may not have Answers yet- But everybody spins, everybody bets…
I’m gonna change my Life You’ll see, I’m gonna Choose my Destiny!

So I walk a fine line, tryin’ to Balance my Soul, its hard to hold on, its hard to let go!
I Still hear those voices in my ear, ones about Light and ones about my Fear…
I’m still walkin that Line …Gotta save my soul, It’s hard to hold on…But I can’t let go….