1. Choices


On the radio today, I heard they’re Marching down Wall St. Way.
And the secrets they still hide, make us tell ourselves these lies.

We use our secrets for a wall, we wrap the wall around our Soul, the wall is only just so strong, while the Secrets left untold!

In that House upon the Hill, a voice rings out for the people’s will.
And the promises they break….could it be time for the Last Crusade?

We all have faces that are bright, we all have faces that are dark, when we try to judge the Heart sometimes we find out who we’re Not!

As the consequences fall, Dis-ease & Hate are on the top of that Wall.
As the road winds up ahead, I think of things I never did or said!

Baby there are lines all over the world, there are lines we should never cross, there are lines we balance on when we cannot make a Choice, all the lines we balance on, all the faces we put on, all the secrets we still hide someday may wash out with the Tide….