12 String Guitarist, Singer/Songwriter

    Rene Russell, a 12 String Americana-Rock, Singer-Songwriter moved to Western North Carolina in June of 2022 and has been performing, writing, recording and collaborating with other musicians like a mad earth wizard.  
  There’s lots of great creative energy brewing up in those mountains and Rene has tapped into that vibe while still maintaining her unique style. “The Key” marks the first collaboration with Producer Michael Hynes of Nomaticstudios, and is a precursor for the next vibrationally rhythmic Single and EP to come in 2024.

  Rene is also collaborating with two beautiful and talented fellow mystics on this journey;  Bridget Gossett (smoky soulful alto vocal with a country rock vibe)  and Heidi Holton (Delta slide Blues player, soprano-esque vocal) on a new project/trio called “The HiHearts”. 
With Rene’s bourbon alto vocals and 12 string percussive stylings, these ladies will surely capture your heart and soul, and though their styles are vastly different their songwriting and vocal harmonies will be the nugget that crystalizes them in your memory.

  The next single, “Stand” (for the Ocean) releases around Earth Day this year on 4/19/24.
  “The Key” is out now. 
Both singles will be supported with video and social media marketing.


Press -newest single "Stand for the Ocean"

We Write About Music -Review of "Stand"


Certified Bop Magazine    1/20/24

"Rene Russell's new single, ‘The Key’ is a breathtaking showcase of musical genius, truly setting a new standard in the realm of singer-songwriters. The way Rene masters the 12-string guitar, transforming it into a symphony of its own, is nothing short of mesmerizing. 

Her skill in making the guitar sing, with its percussive thumping bass lines and intricate finger-picking  creates a sound that's both rich and uniquely captivating. What really strikes a chord is how her music weaves together a tapestry of influences, from the soulful rhythms of Stevie Wonder to the heartfelt narratives akin to James Taylor. 

Her songwriting prowess shines brightly in "The Key," where every lyric resonates with a depth of emotion and authenticity. The blend of her dynamic guitar work with such heartfelt vocals and storytelling is a rare find. It’s this fusion that breathes life into her music, making it an exhilarating experience for any listener. 

Her DIY approach has paid off spectacularly, offering a sound that's polished yet retains an edgy, live feel. It's clear that her journey with music since 1972 has been one of passionate exploration and continuous evolution, leading to this moment where her artistry not only impresses but also deeply moves her audience. Keep creating these musical narratives; they're not just songs, they're experiences."


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Photo by Wayne Ebinger

Photo by Wayne Ebinger

Photo by Wayne Ebinger

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Photo by Wayne Ebinger

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Solo Input List Vocal Boom Mic, 2- Acoustic Taylor 12 String Guitars (different tunings)
1-Pedal board with Looper (Rhythm), 2-LR Baggs Acoustic Para DI, , power source needed.

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