1. Repertoire


You had that golden hair, I could not help but stare you played the game so well-
Like an actress in a roll from hell. I never had a chance, 
I was caught in your web of false Romance.
I was the perfect fool, you’re now the cold & cruel, but I could not see, the lies that you weave, so I fell for you, that day, I soon would rue.
I have been here too long, on this path you have cast me on. But I cannot seem to get you off My mind, the smoke screen is just too thick, 
with your papers and your nasty little tricks!

So listen to what I say, I’ve come straight from the front lines today.

That War Zone you have in your Heart, the same Battle Scars are in my Repertoire!

Love is a two way street but not for you, the life we lead comes from what we choose-
I will not lose my self- respect and common sense to you.
 Your Lies will only go so far and the Pain of the Truth will find it’s mark. 

I have no doubt, you’ll find your sorry self another way out. Cause there’s always some trusting Fool, just waiting for a clever one like you!

So listen and listen well, I come straight from the front lines of hell
That War Zone you carry in your Heart, the same Battle Scars are in my Repertoire,

Those Battle scars are in my Repertoire!