1. Spec of Truth


Standing on this watery ball, Floating in a crystal sky.

I wonder how we’ll ever make the cut? Where we’ll find that Spec of Truth we want? 
 They say the end is near but no one really knows, so we’ll just keep on Burning Oil—and Hoarding Gold, Hoard that Gold.

Worlds collide while people live & die, Between the lines of what we’ll do & what they’ll try.
We live in Fugues where all we hear is what we’re told. 

Believing Holy Wars will keep us in the fold.

So I watch people wearing Hatred in their Clothes, Cause they’ve forgotten that they’re here to grow a Soul, Grow that Soul!

Angels watch from lofty heights above, While our Religions feign to teach us about Love.
You just ignore that little man behind the screen because the wizards here to tell you what it means.

They say the end is near but no one really knows, 

So you just keep on sending Gold to our TV Shows, send that Gold!

Here amid the chaos & debris, I hear a prayer & so I fall upon my knees,
If you recall it’s always darkest before dawn. So we will lift our voices high above the throng.
And when a hundred million Souls join in the song…
I believe here at the end
We’ll get the Truth we Earn, 
We’re gonna get that Spec…..Just a little Spec……of Truth….that’s what we’ll get!