1. Home


I sit here all alone and wonder if I’ll ever get back home-
And I wonder what you’re doing, who you’re seeing, if you’re feeling quite as
You know Hearts can take so much, but they always seem to last when there’s a
Just a chance of getting through all of these silly things love can make us do.
The say Home is where the Heart is & I know my home
will always be with you.
And it doesn’t matter how long, or how far away,
you know our love’s still true.
So I’m sending you these words, cuz they’re the best part
of my Heart that I can give-
And the only thing that’s left to say is I’m sorry that I made you go away.
There’s a symphony of Love in my Heart & I can hardly hold it in-
And I don’t know what to do without your love, how could I ever hope to win?
I never meant for you to doubt my love or think it was all lies…
And I know you think we’ve done it all but my Heart says we should give it one
more try!
So darlin’ if you’re out there, feeling just as blue as I do,
well then let me know you’re answer so I’ll know just what it is that I should do.
Oh, baby don’t you know you’re the best in my life I’ve ever had-
And if losing you is what it takes to make me realize- then here’s your fool.