1. Night-Mare


A great dark horse came riding through the night, right through my window in the twilight-
She stopped at the foot of my bed & she said –Ride! So I rode on the back of the Equus last night, as she flew I could hear strange voices in the night, Like thieves they came & feared for my life!
Well their eyes were red & their faces were black , they rode in a pack but they never looked back & the rumor that they left in the wind was one of Death!
And the wind began to sing songs to me, songs I’d never heard, yet always sung….
& it occurred to me that the life I’d lived before the life I live today, though unseen, was not unreal!
And I saw where the world really comes to an end, I saw where the creatures of the night begins, & I found out where all the secrets we tell hide!”
The melodious rhythm of the voice I hear is only a secret passing by my ear on its sneaky little way to an undeserving ear to be told.
You know the realm of Secrets kept, and the realm of promises left un-kept ,are side by side.
Chorus- So Last night I rode a Night-Mare, and Heaven forgot my name- Well the colors all changed, but the Void remained the same and Hell screamed out my name!
When I woke the next morning In my room all alone, my mind was cloudy & the covers were gone, I tried to recall everything from the night before…
Well I remembered all the voices in the night, I remembered all the colors changing dark to light & I recall it was all brought in by dark Night-Mare.
Then I laughed at myself, cuz I really was scared of the things I’d seen in this strange Night-Mare so I went to the window for a breath of fresh air & my blood froze!
For there in the dew on the clean cut lawn were a perfect set of prints not the hooves of a fawn, but the neat round hooves of a horse that led to my window.
So if a great dark horse comes riding through the night, right through your window in the twilight, she stops at the foot of your bed and she says “Ride”!
Well you better make sure that your head’s on straight, you oughta make certain that you’re feeling real brave, cuz if you roll those dice & don’t think twice you might die.
Cause sometimes things are not, what everyone thinks they are, just because they’re in your dreams doesn’t mean they’re not Real!
Chorus-You know Night-Mares ride through unseen fogs in doors behind your eyes….they play games with dark things of the night, invite them home to stay…..
In your Mind where they may plant their seeds to grow into…Night-Mares….