1st album released by Rene Russell


The silence was louder than the crowd had been all night, neither one of us chose to talk, we just Stared at the lights, so I started talking more to myself than him,
 and I don’t recall if he was Listening then. But if he was I know he heard a sad tale, a girl crying and a boy telling her fairy tales, so she’d smile & sing this song

Little Boy Blue come blow your horn, look for the man who was tattered and torn,
When little Bo Peep finds her sheep, then you will have a friend that you can keep

That was years ago now, and I should have known then, that I would never see my friend again.
So I followed the dreams I’d had all my life, and I’ll have to admit, I was more wrong than
Right, more wrong than right.
So I guess I have wasted the most of my life, looking for something you don’t get twice, I know it Sounds strange, but I wish I could hear, he and his Fairy Tale stories here

Little Boy Blue come blow your horn, find me a man who is tattered & torn,
Little Bo Peep please find your sheep, and send me a man I can always keep.

And as the stranger turned to go, I heard him say in a voice sweet & low, I never thought I’d find You again, thank God for Fairy Tales with Nursery Rhyme ends, and I hear him say

Little Boy Blue has blown his horn, I am the man who was tattered and torn, and Little Bo Peep Never lost her sheep. I am the man you can always keep.